Volume 27 Issue 9 September 1977

Nana Sahib at Cawnpore: 1857

Christopher Hibbert describes how the massacre at Cawnpore was one of the events in the Indian Mutiny not expected by benevolent British Commanders.

The Brighton Chain Pier

L.W. Cowie describes what was, for seventy years, a key feature of the fashionable resort on the English south coast.

Matteo Ricci in China, 1583-1610

Father Ricci spent many years on his mission near Canton. Nora C. Buckley describes how, eventually, this Jesuit's skills in mathematics and astronomy were welcomed in Peking.

Cobbett’s Views on Schools

William Cobbett, English political reformer, was himself was largely self-educated. Molly Townsend describes how he regarded contemporary schooling as ‘a melancholy thing to behold’.