Volume 24 Issue 11 November 1974

The Painter of Modern Times: Constantin Guys

Joanna Richardson portrays one of the greatest of nineteenth-century pictorial journalists, Constantin Guys; a remarkably perceptive artist, to whom Charles Baudelaire consecrated his most famous work in prose.

The Seychelles

First a French, then a British colony, these remote and beautiful islands are being gradually drawn into the modern world, writes J. Coen.

The Battle of Sahagun, 1808

According to a famous military historian, Sahagun was ‘perhaps the most brilliant exploit of the British Cavalry’ during the whole course of the Peninsular Wars. By D.G. Chandler.

Book Production in Ancient Rome

F.R. Cowell describes how the Romans were keen book-collectors; and the works they bought were often expensive and beautifully produced.