Volume 20 Issue 3 March 1970

Queen Victoria as a Writer

Joanna Richardson describes how Queen Victoria wrote as she certainly must have talked - with common sense, some simplicity, much shrewdness, and occasional indiscretions.

Peace with Spain, 1605

Robert W. Kenny describes how, on the death of Elizabeth I, an appeasing spirit entered British diplomacy.

Jane Austen and Her Time

Robert A. Draffan describes how contemporary reviewers of Jane Austen took a moralistic view of her heroines’ adventures.

Cola Di Rienzi

Stewart Perowne describes how, in the fourteenth century ‘the last of the Roman tribunes’, but one of the first of political liberators.

The Gods of the Gaels

Hugh Malet describes how the Druidic gods were regarded by Celts very much as a neighbouring clan, endowed with a particularly powerful magic.