Volume 2 Issue 11 November 1952

Historians Reconsidered: Alexis de Tocqueville

An acute commentator on the French Revolution and on the development of the United States, Tocqueville foresaw a century ago many of the political and social problems that face democracy today. Gordon Philo introduces his life and career.

Origins of British Bloodstock

Claud Cockborn explains how British bloodstock has its origins in a small group of Arab horses first imported in the seventeenth century.

British Prime Ministers: Gladstone

Four times Prime Minister, Gladstone owes his great reputation, A.F. Thompson argues, less to his achievements in office than to his character and personality.

The Silk Road

2000 years ago, writes William Y. Willetts, magnificent Silks from China began to reach the wealthy families of Rome.

The Search for the Nile

J.H. Plumb shows how, between 1857 and 1888, after much controversy, the mystery of the Nile’s source was finally solved by the successive discoveries of Speke, Burton, Livingstone and Stanley.