Volume 19 Issue 7 July 1969

The ‘Leopard’ Incident, 1807

In 1807, writes C.E.S. Dudley, when the British were enforcing their world-wide blockade against France, a short action took place off the Virginian coast that led to violent controversy.

Manuscripts and Men

C.V. Wedgwood assesses the impact of the Royal Commission on Historical Manuscripts, 1869-1969

Warren Hastings

T.C. Owtram introduces Warren Hastings. After thirty years in the service of the East India Company, eleven of them as Governor-General, Hastings returned in 1785 to face impeachment at Westminster Hall

Romantic Bohemia

Joanna Richardson describes how, during the 1830s, the world of Bohemia offered a warm and fruitful climate to artists and writers.