Suzanne Bardgett

London Burning

A fresh account of how Londoners responded to the impact of the Second World War. 

Indians in Britain during the First World War

The people of Brighton offered a warm welcome to the Indian soldiers sent to convalesce at the Sussex resort in the First World War. But the military authorities found much to be nervous about.

Remembering Srebrenica

Suzanne Bardgett, director of the Holocaust Exhibition at London’s Imperial War Museum, describes the setting up of the Srebrenica Memorial Room at the scene where the Bosnian genocide of July 1995 began to unfold.

Belsen and the BBC: What Wireless Listeners Learned

Richard Dimbleby’s account of what he witnessed at Bergen-Belsen in April 1945 has become infamous in Britain. Less well known is the work of two other BBC employees who made radio programmes about Belsen shortly after the camp’s liberation.

Exhibiting Hatred

Suzanne Bardgett describes the process of creating the new Holocaust Exhibition at the Imperial War Museum and explains what it sets out to achieve.