Russell Chamberlin

Alexandria Below the Waves

Russell Chamberlin describes the revelations of a recent conference on the archaeology of Cleopatra’s Alexandria.

The Battle of Normandy

Russell Chamberlin introduces the commemorations to the anniversary of the start of Operation Overlord, sixty years ago this month.

The Ideal of Unity

Russell Chamberlin examines the origins and development of Europe’s persistent vision of unity from the birth of the Holy Roman Empire to its fall.

The Long Farewell

Russell Chamberlin observes as Menorca celebrates the bicentennial of the Treaty of Amiens.

Hadrian’s Wallsend

The remains of the Roman fort of Segedunum, marking the eastern end of Hadrian’s wall and its new interpretation centre.

Charles V: Europe's Last Emperor?

The city of Ghent in modern Belgium, birthplace of Charles V, is currently celebrating the 500th anniversary of his birth on February 24th, 1500.