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Ronald Hutton

Ronald Hutton shows how historians' perceptions of the legendary figure have changed over recent times.

Historical facts about the Druids are few, yet this very lack of tangible evidence has allowed their image to be reworked and appropriated by the English, Irish, Scots and Welsh for over 500 years. Ronald Hutton examines the modern history of an ancient order.

Ronald Hutton describes the origins of his historical quest for self-discovery.

Ronald Hutton takes a closer look at Charles II's Secret Treaty of Dover.

Ronald Hutton on why it is a miracle for professional historians to publish books.

The continuing struggle in Ireland, and the atrocities which it produces within Great Britain, are given full attention by the media.

Ronald Hutton on the many arguments propounded in the debate over nuclear weapons.

Ronald Hutton on erotica and morality through history