Roger Hudson

Senator Barry Goldwater brought a new brand of Republicanism to American politics, writes Roger Hudson. 

The appearance of a Short Stirling Bomber near St Paul's Cathedral prompts Roger Hudson to recall the Wings for Victory campaign.

Roger Hudson describes how the ‘stiffest bridge in the world’ took shape following a railway disaster in 1897.

A photograph of a released political prisoner prompts Roger Hudson to survey Ghana’s postcolonial history. 

A photograph taken during the Great Depression prompts Roger Hudson to re-evaluate Roosevelt’s New Deal.

Roger Hudson describes advances in British military aviation technology in the years before the Second World War.

Prisoners of war are driven to their execution in a harrowing image from 1950.

Roger Hudson details the rebuilding of the world’s first theme park in south London in 1853.

Roger Hudson details the tense situation leading up to the evacuation of British troops from Aden in 1967.

Evolution and religion went head-to-head in a landmark case of 1925.