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Robert Colls

Stanley Spencer, The Resurrection: Tidying, 1945.

History suggests that closer collaboration and rradical new thinking between the central state and Cooperativisim could yet yield positive results. 

Frank Hudspeth carries the FA Cup after Newcastle United's win against Aston Villa in 1924. Topical Press Agency / Getty Images

Robert Colls rises to the challenge of arguing the case for sports history as a serious academic subject, digging deep into its beginnings in the 1960s and winning with a wealth of scholarly works and skilled rhetoric.

Robert Colls offers a personal reflection upon the religious roots of the Labour Party.

Happy birthday, George Orwell.

Robert Colls asks what British identity is - and what it is not.

The successful Broadway run of The Pitmen Painters, Lee Hall’s drama set in a north-east mining community, has introduced US audiences to a remarkable chapter in British working-class life, writes  Robert Colls.