R.J. White

The Pentrich Revolution in 1817

R.J. White analyses the events of the “Derbyshire Insurrection” - otherwise known as the Pentrich Revolution - as an example of local history in its bearing on national history.

Lord Castlereagh

R.J. White describes the life and career of the great Foreign Secretary, Robert Stewart, Lord Castlereagh, who considered unpopularity 'convenient and gentleman-like'.

Lower Classes in Regency England

R.J. White describes how all sorts and conditions of men, at every stage of transition of a rapidly changing society, crowded the early-nineteenth-century scene.

The Testament of Sir Humphry Davy

R.J. White introduces Humphry Davy: the inventor of the safety-lamp and one of Britain's greatest chemists was by temperament a romantic poet and philosopher.