Richard Wilkinson

Richard Wilkinson charts the highs and lows of Winston Churchill in 1940-45.

Richard Wilkinson finds much to enjoy in the opening volumes of a comprehensive new series on British social history.

Richard Wilkinson argues against the prevailing orthodoxy.

The paradoxical career of one of the key figures of English Protestantism.

Richard Wilkinson questions the motives of important historical figures, and of historians writing about them.

David Lloyd George.

Richard Wilkinson recreates the contest that marked, and marred, the British war effort in 1914-18.

Richard Wilkinson, our regular reviewer, has been reading books on the early modern and modern periods.

Richard Wilkinson shows that good history is never dull.

Richard Wilkinson, Louis XIV’s new biographer, searches for the real Sun King.

Richard Wilkinson examines the examiner’s agenda and advises accordingly.