Miri Rubin

Making of a Martyr: William of Norwich and the Jews

The murder of a 12-year-old boy in Norwich in 1144 inspired Thomas of Monmouth, a monk from the city's cathedral, to create an anti-semitic account of the incident. His influential work reveals much about life and belief in medieval England, argues Miri Rubin.

The Virgin Mary and the Making of Europe

As an integrated system of politics, economy and religion evolved in Europe around the year 1000, the figure of the Virgin Mary – so central to the lives of monks and nuns – became the core of a widely shared, though highly varied, European identity, says Miri Rubin.

Corpus Christi - Inventing a Feast

The medium and message - Miri Rubin looks at how the changing theology and doctrine of late medieval Christianity led to the creation of a popular event with social and hierarchical overtones.