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Michael Glover

Michael Glover investigates the early modern sources of the English reputation as the most indefatigable writers of letters in the world.

During the campaign of 1815, writes Michael Glover, Wellington was handicapped by a shortage of military maps.

Michael Glover describes how Vienna in 1815 was the scene of endless entertainment for European rulers and their delegations.

In 1809, under Wellington, Beresford regenerated the Portuguese Army which, Michael Glover writes, had suffered from years of neglect.

During the Peninsular War, writes Michael Glover, British and French often treated one another with humanity and courtesy.

Michael Glover describes how, respectable clergymen were in short supply as chaplains when Samuel Briscall attracted the Duke of Wellington’s notice.

Resistance to Napoleon in the Iberian peninsula gave a little-known English general a unique opportunity to remould the Portuguese army.