Max Beloff

Max Beloff's letter addresses previous articles by Alan Bullock.

Max Beloff profiles the "real author of the Constitution" and one of the most extraordinary of the USA's Founding Fathers.

Edited by Nicholas CannyVolume IIEdited by P J Marshall

Max Beloff reviews a fresh account of de Gaulle and the Free French movement.

Max Beloff looks at what he (and other historians) got wrong (and right) about the future 50 years ago.

Max Beloff finds geography, language and religion powerful antidotes to present aspirations of European unity.

'A life of action and constant fidelity to a set of ideas': Max Beloff takes a fresh look at the career of Leo Amery with the publication of the latter's second volume of diaries – a man by no means the stereotype of an inter-war Conservative politician.