Marika Sherwood

The Nefarious Trade

Britain’s first Anti-Slavery Act was ineffective, says Marika Sherwood – British slave traders found ways around it to carry on their profitable activities, while British commerce flourished through the import of slave-grown cotton.

Blacks in Tudor England

Marika Sherwood reveals the state of our knowledge – and ignorance – about a period of our multi-racial past.

Lynching in Britain

Marika Sherwood looks at the history of racist attacks in Britain, following the criticism of police handling of the murder of black teenager Stephen Lawrence in 1993.

The Making of New World Slavery

Robin BlackburnGeneral History of the Caribean, volume III: The slave Societies of the Caribbean.Franklin W. KnightThe Slave Trade. The History of the Atlantic Slave Trade 1440-1870Hugh Thomas

Blacks in the Gordon Riots

Marika Sherwood trawls contemporary reports of the anti-Catholic protests that rocked London in June 1780 to reveal the black men and women who took part, exploring their motives and punishments for doing so.