Lionel Kochan

Lionel Kochan profiles one of the leading bankers among British Jews, who devoted fifty years of his long life to the welfare of Jewry overseas and the future of Palestine.

Tsarist Minister of Finance, and briefly Prime Minister, Witte was one of the pioneers of Russian industrialization, writes Lionel Kochan.

A reformer of law and critic of society, writes Lionel Kochan, Radishchev emerges as a founding figure in the liberal tradition of the Russian intelligentsia.

Lionel Kochan writes how Turgenev's heroes serve to embody many different aspects of the rapidly changing scene in nineteenth century Russia.

Lionel Kochan describes how two of the most important of Russian Revolutionary Conferences were held in Edwardian London.

Lionel Kochan describes how ‘the game of kings’ found its apotheosis in the Soviet Union; the country of the proletariat.

Lionel Kochan traces the development of chess, from its origins to the end of the fifteenth century.