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Leonard Cowie

From 1831 until 1907, writes Leonard W. Cowie, Exeter Hall played a vital part in the ameliorative work of believers in human betterment.

Once the hall of Richard II’s palace, Westminster Hall became a centre of the British judicial system and, writes Leonard W. Cowie, a popular meeting-place for Londoners.

First built in the 1630s, writes Leonard W. Cowie, Leicester House became the London home of three eighteenth-century Princes of Wales.

Temple Bar in 1870.

Leonard W. Cowie traces six centuries in the history of a former London barrier.

Leonard W. Cowie visits this splendid structure, which Inigo Jones began to raise for King James I in 1619, and which is still one of London’s most perfectly proportioned buildings.

Leonard W. Cowie traces the development of a peculilarly English legal institution, from the pre-Reformation era, into Dickensian times.