John Crossland

John Crossland compares the investigative approach of historians and journalists.

John Crossland uncovers a conspiracy of silence from the records of Britain's First World War court-martial victims.

John Crossland on the ethical dilemmas facing those who wish to dig out Battle of Britain planes and pilots.

John Crossland looks at the Dock Strike that succeeded in 1889.

Was Britain prepared for war in 1938? Not in the air, argues John Crossland, as he investigates the myths and penny-pinching that nearly scuppered the Spitfire victors of the Battle of Britain.

Generalissimo Chiang Kai-shek and senior members of the Kuomintang after the incident.

A tragi-comic sequence of mutiny and kidnap marked a crucial stage in the struggle of Nationalists and Communists for the hearts and minds of China.