Jan Read

Jan Read describes how, between 1830 and 1840, two very different English travellers each produced a vivid account of Spanish scenes and personalities.

In 1373, writes Jan Read, King Edward III signed an alliance with Portugal which has lasted ever since.

Museo del Prado, c.1921. Wiki Commons.

Jan Read traces how Spain's people, their royals, and their most famous museum have developed together.

Jan Read describes how, in 1394 a Spanish Cardinal became Antipope at Avignon, pledging to end the Schism in the Church.

Jan Read introduces some volunteers on land and at sea in the liberation of the Spanish Colonies.

The King of Aragon was deeply involved in the religious wars of the thirteenth century in south-western France, writes Jan Read.

Al-mansur by Francisco de Zurbarán.

Jan Read describes Al-Mansur, the honorific name for the leader who restored Moorish power in Spain during the late 10th century.