Francis Robinson

The Mughal Dynasties

Francis Robinson looks for the distinctively tolerant and worldly features of Mughal rule in India and that of the related Islamic dynasties of Iran and Central Asia.

The Muslims and Partition

Francis Robinson considers what the Muslims wanted - and what they got - out of the decision to divide the subcontinent on religious lines.

Ahmad and the Ahmadiyya

'After the love of God, I am intoxicated with the love of Prophet Mohammad. If you call it infidelity, by God I am the greatest Infidel'. Francis Robinson looks at the nineteenth-century Punjabi whose proclamation of a role as 'promised Messiah' still brings hostility from orthodox Muslims to the movement he spawned.

The Last Shangri La

Francis Robinson explores new educational and cultural advances in the Himalayan kingdom of Bhutan.

Museum Piece

Francis Robinson on the collections and ornate palaces of the Top Kapi Saray museum in Istanbul.

Looting the Raj

Francis Robinson explores words and language plundered from the sub-continent.

A Forgotten Region

It is remarkable how quickly a region, whose peoples shared a long history and many aspects of culture, can be forgotten.

Making an Atlas of Islam

Francis Robinson explains how his perception of Islam is reflected in his book, Atlas of the Islamic World since 1500 (Phaidon, 1982).