Douglas Johnson

Bookish Delights

Douglas Johnson, historian of France and HT academic board member, explains how a youthful attraction to libraries opened doors for him.

Exit de Gaulle

Douglas Johnson reconsiders the circumstances in which de Gaulle relinquished his position as President of France and his mythic legacy in French history.

The Fall of the Mighty

Douglas Johnson compares and contrasts the downfalls of Neville Chamberlain and Margaret Thatcher.

Les Invalides, Paris

Douglas Johnson examines the powerful hold Les Invalides exercises over France's historical mythology.

June 1940

A failure of national will in a decadent country, outgunned, outmanned and divided by class conflict? Douglas Johnson opens our summer series of Second World War reappraisals by looking at the myths and legacies of the fall of France to Hitler's blitzkrieg fifty years ago this month.

Winds of Change

History Today's special issue on the French Revolution's bicentenary focuses on the new ideas that are illustrating its causes and course. To open, Douglas Johnson considers the arguments about the 'Counter-Revolution' and the Terror exercising French historians of the Revolution in 1989.