David Cannadine

History in the Classroom

As the debate rages about how history should be taught in state schools David Cannadine discusses his recent research project.

Sir John Plumb

David Cannadine recalls the career and personality of an inspirational historian.


David Cannadine sees the British Empire as a spectacular and colourful extension of the social order of the home country

On Reviewing and Being Reviewed

In his Longman-History Today awards lecture, David Cannadine considers the art, craft and psychology of the historical book review.

Glitterless Prizes

David Cannadine raises questions about the transition from student life into the working world

Forty Years On

Anniversaries are, by definition, a time not only for celebration but also for self-examination, for dimly gazing into the future as well as for happily recalling the past.

Change and Continuity in British History

Eric Hobsbawm has recently been honoured with a second Festschrift, The Power of the Past, edited by Pat Thane, Geoffrey Crossick and Roderick Floud, an appropriately unusual distinction for an unusually distinguished historian.