Asa Briggs

Asa Briggs reflects on two Victorian radicalists who employed controversial new means to secure power, drawing both fervent disciples and bitter enemies, before their eventual defeat as part of a reaction against the ideas and methods of the 1840’s.

Asa Briggs evaluates the impact of Sir Robert Peel, a great Prime Minister unwilling to become a popular politician.

These two books, very different in approach, scope and length, are in fact complementary; and, given current media interest in the role of...

Manningham Mills, a symbol of the last century's industrial power, is now to become part of Bradford's renaissance as an exhibition at the city's Cartwright Hall in Lister Park shows.

Asa Briggs completes our Portrait of Britain series with a survey of the islands at the beginning of the 20th century.

Asa Briggs looks at the continuities and contrasts between 1851, 1951 and 2000.

The exhibition 'Faces of the Century', at the National Portrait Gallery, presents the 100 choices of ten leading figures from British politics, art, music, business and media that represent Britain in the 20th century.

When George III was buried in 1820 Mrs. Arbuthnot wrote in her subsequently famous diary that there had just 'sunk into an honoured grave the best...
These two admirable ‘life and times' biographies of Labour politicians, published by the same press at the same price, demonstrate the vigour and...