Arthur Bryant

Arthur Bryant examines the background to Magna Carta.

Arthur Bryant relates how Becket’s death, at the hands of Henry II's servants, made this once worldly prelate a popular religious hero.

In the twelfth-century conflict between Church and State, Henry II found his most determined opponent in his formerly devoted servant, Thomas Becket, as Arthur Bryant continues his Story of England series.

Arthur Bryant continues his series on the historical development of the country at the United Kingdom's heart.

In these extracts Arthur Bryant describes the glorious reign of King Alfred, 871-99

This extract is the first of a series in which Dr. Arthur Bryant describes the evolution of the English Kingdom, through the invasions of Saxons, Danes and Normans, to its consolidation in medieval times.

Arthur Bryant looks at how “The Bones of Shire and State” were formed before the Normans came.