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A.P. Ryan

'Birth of the Irish Republic' by Walter Paget, depicting the GPO during the shelling

A.P. Ryan describes how, each Easter, the Irish Republic commemorates the anniversary of the April Rising in Dublin when a short-lived Provisional Government of the Republic was proclaimed.

A.P. Ryan profiles William Howard Russell. Best known as the critical reporter of the Crimean War, Russell also served The Times as its correspondent during the American Civil War and the Franco-Russian campaign.

A.P. Ryan introduces the life and career of The Earl of Balfour: Conservative Prime Minister, 1902-5; Foreign Secretary, 1916-19; President of the Council 1919-22, 1925-9.

A.P. Ryan introduces the Grand Old Man of the nineteenth century Conservative Party.

Long excluded from public business, King Edward showed, when he came to the throne, a remarkable grasp of foreign affairs. He was, as A.P. Ryan says, “a good European and a lover of peace.”