Antonia Fraser

The Murder of David Riccio

Four hundred years ago, writes Antonia Fraser, the young Queen of Scots, then struggling to hold her own against her factious nobles, saw a favourite servant butchered at her feet.

The Murder of Darnley

Antonia Fraser describes how no murder in the course of history has aroused more argument than the assassination of the Queen of Scots’ husband at Kirk o’Field on the night of February 9th, 1567.

Castles in the Air

Antonia Fraser recalls the girlhood awakening of a ‘sense of place’ that has continued to influence her methods as a historian.

Mary Ward: A 17th-Century Reformer

Antonia Fraser looks at the life of the Catholic reformer and missionary, who believed passionately in women's education. Her life was recorded in a remarkable series of paintings, recounting her career and now on show in the convent in Augsburg.