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Adrian Mourby

The opening of the Ringstrasse, illustration published in Leipzig, 1865.

Emperor Franz Joseph officially opened the Ringstrasse on May 1st, 1865. Adrian Mourby looks at its 150 years as a Viennese landmark.

Adrian Mourby welcomes the return to public view of the Habsburgs’ esoterica.

Bayreuth has much for which to thank Richard Wagner, but the determination of a Prussian princess to create something out of her dull and provincial 18th-century marriage helped make the city the place it is today, says Adrian Mourby.

Adrian Mourby reveals the thinking behind the new Turks exhibition at the Royal Academy.

Adrian Mourby welcomes a new wave of opera houses around the world, and compares this with the previous surge in the late 19th century.

Adrian Mourby visits the site of a city that continues to inspire grandiose visions, as it has done for almost 3,000 years.

Adrian Mourby shows that the nightmare scenario can be both dire warning and escapist fantasy.

The ancient library of Alexandria, destroyed by fire in AD270 is to be replaced by a new great library in the city to open this year, which will also serve as a local city museum.

Adrian Mourby looks at the long line of history operas inspired by the works of the German romantic poet Friedrich Schiller and finds Hollywood is still inspired by Schiller’s style.

Adrian Mourby reflects on the legacy of Nova Scotia's French Acadians.