Ronald Reagan

As new material becomes available to researchers, our picture of Ronald Reagan continues to evolve. Iwan Morgan shows how opinions of the 40th President of the United States have changed.  

Official Portrait of President Reagan 1981.

Stephen Young puts the career of the 40th American President into historical perspective.

Glen Jeansonne sees the former president as a mirror of his age.

President Reagan Addressing the Nation on National Security (SDI Speech), 23 March 1983. National Archives and Records Administration.

Peter Kramer tells how the popularity of the sci-fi epic proved timely for Ronald Reagan and the Strategic Defense Initiative.

Gerard de Groot argues that exploitation of silent majority fears about 60s student protest is the key to understanding Ronald Reagan's rise to prominence in Californian politics.

The history of the controversy over People's Park in Berkeley CA is discussed. The 1960s saw the beginnings of the health consciousness movement - natural food, exercise, relaxation.