Marrying the sister of a deceased wife was illegal in Victorian England.

Queen Victoria in 1887, by Alexander Bassano. Kathryn Hughes feels that most modern biographies lack an essential ingredient, which is life itself,...

Many assumptions and values separate us from the Victorians, but belief in the supernatural is not one of them, argues Simone Natale. 

Roger Hudson details the rebuilding of the world’s first theme park in south London in 1853.

As any enchanted visitor knows, the Pitt Rivers Museum in Oxford is a Victorian cavern stuffed with intriguing objects, hand-written labels and...
Few developments signal the sunset on a ‘Golden Age’ like the creep of nostalgia: when the combined Ringling Bros and Barnum & Bailey Circus...

Carroll’s perceived paedophilia seems to have little scholarly evidence.

Although unmentioned in modern reference books and works of economic history, Thornton was one of the greatest commercial figures of the day and, writes W.G. Hoskins, when he died, left “by far the largest fortune of the century to that date.”

Robert Rhodes James profiles the man rivalled only by Gladstone as the most able politician and Parliamentarian of his time.

Robert E. Zegger describes the alarming dip in Anglo-French relations, half way through the reign of Napoleon III.