Roman Empire

The man who conspired to kill Julius Caesar was not quite the friend to Romans and countrymen that his legendary status suggests. 

Henri Pirenne transformed the way historians think about the end of the Classical world and the beginning of the Middle Ages.

Dealing with debt in the Roman Empire.

Latin was used throughout the Roman Empire, but it shared space with a host of other languages and dialects, including Greek, Oscan and Etruscan, which give us a unique perspective on the ancient world.

Born 29 September 106 BC.

The challenges that Gibbon faced remain much the same for historians today.

How was a small community on the banks of the Tiber able to rise to dominate the Mediterranean world? Further, how did it secure the continuity of...
The catchy subtitle of Daisy Dunn’s biography of Catullus does not do justice to its scope. Catullus’ short life (84-54 BC) covers the period when...

Was the eunuch Earinus the lover of Domitian, one of Rome’s ‘Bad Emperors’? Llewelyn Morgan pieces together the extraordinary relationship between them.

In Terence Rattigan’s play, The Browning Version , a school teacher makes this case for studying the classics: ‘How can we mould civilised...