Cold War

‘Socialism with a human face’ came head to head with the realities of Soviet communism.

Bernard Brodie, one of the leading figures in the development of nuclear strategy, known as the ‘American Clausewitz’, wrote in the year after the...

During the Second World War, Britain, the US and the Soviet Union worked together in oil-rich Iran. But cooperation was to degenerate into suspicion and hostility.

Gerald Brooke’s time in a Soviet prison was a pivotal moment in Cold War espionage.

The UDBA is probably the least known major espionage agency of the Cold War. It remains influential, despite the break-up of the country it was formed to defend. 

What role was the BBC to play if the cold war became hot? For the first time, the corporation has given detailed access to its plans for a Wartime Broadcasting Service following a nuclear attack. Paul Reynolds reveals its secrets.

One of the most brilliant intellectuals of his age, Isaiah Berlin voiced impeccably liberal views.  Yet were his political beliefs compromised by some unsavoury associations?

In May 1991, just a few months after German reunification, I took a train from Berlin to Magdeburg in the heart of the old GDR or East Germany. I...
This book was the winner of the Longman- History Today Book Prize 2015 In the Second World War the BBC broadcast in 43 languages and won...

Geoffrey Roberts explains when and why the Cold War began.