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One sometimes forgotten admirer of both the Venetian and British empires was Adolf Hitler. The Führer frequently lauded each as having found the...

Larry Gragg investigates the evidence behind ‘Bugsy Siegels claim that he planned to kill the high-ranking Nazi in 1939.

‘Who knows? Perhaps the true truth will never be known’, an Italian in a deckchair says to a girl on the beach who has asked him, ‘What is the...

The history of post-Risorgimento, post-Unification Italy has been much discussed, but relatively rarely has the history of the states...

Emilio Lussu led an extraordinary life. Born into a wealthy family in Sardinia, he was studying law when Italy entered the First World War in 1915...

The struggle for control of the straits dividing Sicily from southern Italy brought the two great empires of the Mediterranean, Carthage and Rome, head to head. It was a world in which ruthless mercenaries prospered.

Despite its small size, the Royal Academy’s exhibition on Giovanni Battista Moroni is a blockbuster in the proper sense of the word.

During the fifteenth century, writes Christopher Hibbert, the Medici banking house in Florence ‘almost passed belief’ in power and influence.

Having been moved to London from Nazi Germany, the esteemed library of Renaissance culture played a key role in restoring links between international scholars after the Second World War.

In 1701, writes L.R. Betcherman, a leading member of the Whig Junto retired to Rome for the sake of his health.


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