The chef and restaurateur died on 12 February 1935.

Lucie Delarue-Mardrus was at the heart of daring interwar Paris, where she used her influence to defend those left behind by ‘progress’.

A little-known encounter between the English and French navies should rank alongside Trafalgar and the defeat of the Armada.

A French priest’s shocking attack on religion called for the fall of altars and the heads of kings. 

In the interwar period, France and Germany worked towards an integrated Europe.  

Adrien Lejeune, grocer and apothecary, was born in 1847 in Bagnolet, then just beyond the walls of Paris; he died in 1942 in Novosibirsk, Siberia,...

Since the revolution, French history has been marked by moments that promise progress but end in bitter failure. The election of the Popular Front in 1936 was one such example, says Jonathan Fenby.

The royal flight to Varennes took place on June 20th, 1791.

PARIS! OUTRAGED PARIS! Broken Paris! Martyred Paris, but liberated Paris, Liberated by the people of Paris with help from the armies of...
‘France’, said Charles de Gaulle, ‘cannot be France without grandeur.’ The country’s recent history suggests the great man was nearer the mark when...