Frank Dikötter explains how the gradual opening of Chinese archives has revealed the appalling truth about Chairman Mao’s genocidal rule.

When Mao Zedong died, he was not buried, but displayed in a glass sarcophagus. Next, people across the country, from party leaders to villagers, ‘...

There are certain fictional characters who take on an existence independent of their creators. Their lives and adventures are chronicled by a host...

Yuan Shikai's short-lived reign as Chinese emperor ended on March 22nd, 1916.

In 1946 the International Military Tribunal for the Far East opened.  Known as the Tokyo Trial, it sentenced to death or prison the top Japanese...

After many negotiations and much pressure, writes Henry McAleavy, the Russians acquired from China the Amur Provinces of Eastern Siberia.

For sixty-four years, during the European “Age of Reason,” writes Simon Harcourt-Smith, a philosopher Emperor guided Chinese destinies.

Burnard Selby visits the island of Taiwan, describing its landscape and people, as well as explaining its history.

Gradually the Chinese Nationalists prevailed over the provincial war-lords, but meanwhile, writes Henry McAleavy, the fatal breach occurred with the Communists.

Henry McAleavy traces both the daring adventures and wavering fortunes of an unusually cultured Chinese 'Singing Girl' of the Boxer era.