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Volume 46 Issue 3 March 1996

Ann Hills investigates a new online database of all English Heritage historic wall paintings.

Are historical stereotypes formed or dispelled by the likes of last year’s VE Day commemorations? William Buckingham answers as the winner of the Longman/History Today essay prize.

Trade may have followed the flag, but was there enough stimulus in imperialism to aid national bank balances and development from 1500 onwards? Patrick O'Brien sifts the evidence.

A reflection on the life of Dr Livingstone in an attempt to revel the true story behind the legend

Shell-shocked - a phrase redolent of the Western Front and the Great War. But was it also a reality fifty years earlier on the killing fields of Virginia? John Talbott investigates.

John Ray on a ruler who mixed laddishness with mysticism in the last days of independent Egypt.

Sarah Street discusses how 'Rosebud' and Pearl Harbor are inextricably entangled in this most enigmatic of film portrayals of a media tycoon.

Akbar Ahmed’s provocative lecture for the Longman/ History Today Awards examines Mohammad Ali Jinnah, the founder of Pakistan.

Christian Hesketh explores the architectural assortment of Sir Thomas Tresham buildings in Northamptonshire.