Volume 45 Issue 9 September 1995

Exhibitions of African art and culture

Gerard de Groot argues that exploitation of silent majority fears about 60s student protest is the key to understanding Ronald Reagan's rise to prominence in Californian politics.

David Birmingham looks at how the invented traditions of 19th-century Swiss history cemented a sense of national identity.

Iain Fenlon explores how Catholic Europe's great 16th-century sea victory over the Turk was celebrated and propagandised.

Felipe Fernandez-Armesto argues for a new world history for the Millennium

Abigail Beach looks at constructing communities in the first half of the century

Christopher Innocent on ancient Australian burial sites.

Pierre Sorlin considers Visconti's treatment of the 19th-century Italian nobility caught up in the Risorgimento

F.Bremer and E.Rydell examine the tricks used by preachers in 17th-century England and America to hold their audiences.

Andrew Boyd offers a bicentennial analysis of a key element in the culture of Protestant Ulster.

Cathy Mercer reconstructs a wonder of the ancient world

Penny Johnston on a campaign to rebuild a historic Canadian church.