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Volume 45 Issue 7 July 1995

Jeremy Black marks the bicentenary of the '45 Rebellion by assessing how close Bonnie Prince Charlie came to making his father James III of England.

Michael Paris looks at pioneering 1920s film about war in the air over the Western Front, the passions it aroused and the genre it created.

Graham Darby rehabilitates the reputation of one of 17th-century Spain's chief ministers.

The price of archaeology in Kent

Peter Heehs looks at the Indian army who threw in their lot against the Raj and with the Japanese in the Second World War.

Russia oldest love letter was discovered, in 1995, among medieval rubbish heaps excavated in Novgorod.

English Heritage's attempts to save this Victorian Country House

Austin Mitchell takes a trip down memory lane with veteran MPs of the 1945 General Election.

Half-way to the concentration camps? Lisa Pine uncovers a little-known project from 1930s Germany used as a last-chance option for 'asocials' who fell foul of the Nazi regime.

Catherine Hills stalks these Roman ruins in Norfolk