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Volume 45 Issue 3 March 1995

Archaeological wonders in the Mediterranean

Robert Stradling uncovers the tale of the Irishmen who went off to fight for the Nationalists in the Spanish Civil War and the reaction they provoked, then and now.

Louise Stevenson argues that girls growing up in mid-19th-century America were far more intellectually forceful and streetwise than often given credit for.

Historians of the world unite at conference

The story of an almost unknown war and its international repercussions on the eve of Pearl Harbor.

Penelope Corfield delights in the traditions and splendours of the Apothecaries Hall in the capital.

Richard Vinen reveiws the early career of the former French President.

Lisa Jardine speaks at the Longman/ History Today awards on Erasmus.

Penny Young on Turkey's equivalent to Hadrian's Wall

Johnathan Israel describes how the genius of the 17th-century Netherlands lay not just in painting but in a blazing a trail in civic pride and technological improvements for the rest of Europe.