Volume 45 Issue 10 October 1995

Richard Cavendish breathes 18th-century elegance into the Thomas Gainsborough Musuem

David Nash considers a cause celebre that tested tensions between pious tradition and a 'progressive' age.

Monks and nuns living together: not a cause for scandal but, as Barbara Mitchell explains, an intriguing window onto the variety of monastic life - under the aegis of remarkable abbesses - before the Conquest.

Richard Rathbone explains how a meeting in Manchester 50 years ago helped lay the vision for Pan-Africanism

Graham Norton looks at dilapidated forts and castles in West Africa

David G. Anderson reveals an arms sale scandal in 1934 involving the British Government

Ann Hills assesses how the African country is protecting its past

Charles C. Noel illustrates how the remodelling of the Spanish capital reflected the new philosophical and cultural concerns of her rulers in the 'Age of Reason'. 

Edward Corp revalues the contribution, as emigre statesman and trend-setting art-collector, of one of the leading Jacobites at Saint-Germain.

Re-opening of the National Museum.