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Volume 44 Issue 9 September 1994

Richard Cavendish muses on the 'stuffed' of history in the animal kingdom in Bodmin Moor.

How did Hitler's armies try and persuade the occupied populations of the Soviet Union to live with their new regime? British military historian John Erickson comments on wartime posters unearthed from the Russian archives.

Omer Bartov traces the impact of people's armies from Napoleon to the First World War and beyond.

Robert Thorne on when, and if, Britain’s modern buildings should be listed as historic.

Crime and the 60s at the Open University

How Islamic was the founder of Pakistan? Akbar Ahmed offers a radical reassessment of his life and motives - and the forces that propelled his change of course.

How did Regency period ideas about science and electricity influence Mary Shelley's tale of an infamous creation. Frank A.J.L. James and J.V. Field explain.

Ann Hills on conflict in trust at Orford Ness

Xinzhong Yao examines the prospects for Christianity in China based on past performance.

Richard Shone looks at the foray into portraiture of a leading British artist and reflects on the tensions of painter-patron relations in the cultural climate of 1930s Britain.

Home movies for the Museum of the Moving Image

Glenn Richardson profiles the French king's relationship with Henry VIII and the cultural PR and diplomacy that went with it.