Volume 44 Issue 12 December 1994

What did medieval contemporaries think of military orders such as the Knights Hospitaller and Teutonic Knights? Helen Nicholson investigates.

Elizabeth Marvick highlights the similarities of allegation and opposition to two embattled American presidents - Thomas Jefferson and Bill Clinton.

Malcolm Oxley on how the Christmas story was co-opted into politics and social aspirations in Renaissance Florence.

Patrick O'Brien assess the devastating impact of the 'war to end all wars' on an international economic order that had seemed, pre-1914, relatively sturdy.

Liz Sagues investigates the book, In search of Neanderthals, which was named archaeological book of the year in 1994.

How easy or safe was it for women who travelled - often alone - in the new American republic? Patricia Cline Cohen charts their progress - and perils - and the way in which public transport helped shape the gender system.

David Garner investigates the work of an archaeological team in their hunt in St Albans.

Nicholas Young looks at how tribalism and the dominance of Hastings Banda has marked Malawi history and future prospects.

Richard Weight charts how the threat from Hitler galvanised opinion-formers into embracing a past and culture they had previously scorned.

Alec Gill investigates how taboo has survived in Hull's fishing community - past and present.