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Volume 43 Issue 9 September 1993

An insight into how the activities of Allied crews from the ill-fated PQ-17 Arctic convoy of 1942 to wartime Russia were viewed by one of Stalin's commissars. The article is part of an agreement with the Russian history magazine, Rodina, whereby History Today will have access to and publish in English, formerly top-secret documents now being released from the Soviet archives.

Margaret Jervis on a new exhibition at the British Museum on the Egyptian empire.

Elisabeth Ferry explains why US women did not breakthrough in politics between the wars, despite having won the vote.

Ian Fitzgerald on medicine and music for 'The Creation'

Anthony Pollard explains how the rivalry of two great Northern families contributed to civil war in fifteenth-century England.

Did past ages look upon babies and their needs with less than starry eyes? Nicholas Tucker sifts the evidence from the cradle in history.

John Miller considers 20th-century political insiders and outsiders through the eyes of today's historians on radio.

Colin Matthew lays out a stall for the new Dictionary of National Biography

Richard Eales looks at how politics and chess have mated more in history through to the present day.

Michael Leech on Eastern Art Deco