Volume 43 Issue 4 April 1993

Capturing the spirit of America - Erin Cho looks at the building blocks of American childhood and the objectives of their creator.

Why did Germany declare war on the US in December 1941? Nicholas Henderson considers motives and consequences in the days before and after Pearl Harbor.

Peacemaker or warmonger: history has awarded the former epithet (albeit ill-fated) to Woodrow Wilson, but here Christopher Ray looks at how the President performed as head of the services in conflict and at his relationship with America’s generals

Christopher Chippindale on a Stonehenge for all seasons.

National Trust work to restore the gardens of Stowe

Richard Cavendish finds plenty to chew the cud on, courtesy of the BAHS

Richard Hodges looks at the Pompeii controversy and asks if Britain does any better.

How should we view Thomas Jefferson? Colin Bonwick offers his assessment of the man as America's third president, party leader and Enlightenment enthusiast.

Our round-up of the offerings from publishers in Spring 1993 previewing interesting and intriguing history books for both the general reader and the specialist.

Peter Ling compares the impact of Martin Luther King and Malcolm X on black culture in the 90s.

Aram Bakshian tells the story of the peasant carpenter who became a brilliant guerrilla leader and national hero, and who struggled to wrest a free Armenia from Turkey and Russia in the aftermath of the First World War.

Ann Hills gets to the bottom of heritage whodunnits in Shrewsbury.