New College of the Humanities

Volume 42 Issue 7 July 1992

Martin Evans looks at the aftermath of the struggle for Algerian independence from France.

Ann Hills uncovers a shrine to Victorian photography under threat.

Highbrow or lowbrow? James Gilbert looks at the competing visions of American civilisation on offer at Chicago's fin de siécle Exposition of 1893.

K.N. Chaudhuri concludes our series with an assessment of how valid a tool Marxism (and other -isms) is for interpreting pre-colonial societies in and around the Indian Ocean.

John Coutts delves into the undergrowth of Victorian life and death in North London.

Colin Richmond analyses the part played by the written (and spoken) word in shoring up popular allegiances to the rival dynasties

Nicholas Mirzoeff chronicles the struggle of deaf people for recognition and identity over the past 200 years.

A music hall reprise by Michael Leech

Ian Bradley looks at what qualified as family favourites in the last decade of the nineteenth century.