Volume 40 Issue 12 December 1990

Aram Bakshian delves into the annexe of Presidents in Washington DC

Peter Ling and Brian Stoner look at the history of Yellowstone Park and its fiery struggle between Man and Nature.

Frank Griffith Dawson finds echoes of the present in Latin America's financial situations of the past.

Ann Hills assesses the 'Year of the Maze'

John Crossland on the ethical dilemmas facing those who wish to dig out Battle of Britain planes and pilots.

Susan Collinson dissects the life and ideas of the brilliant nineteenth-century anatomist who developed a biological theory of race, but whose career was clouded by controversy.

Barbara Murison tells how one of Stuart England's most successful civil servants used friends, influence and resources from around the globe to fit out a palatial residence in Gloucestershire

The problems surrounding the discovery of an ancient reptile fossil and its wider implications for cultural heritage.

Yorkshire parish's sculptured heritage stones win Conservation Award