Volume 38 Issue 10 October 1988

Richard Cavendish explores some Roman artefacts.

Robert Thorne investigates the nineteenth-century passion for views that has inspired the exhibition about to open at London's Barbican Art Gallery.

Awkward cousins - Nigel Aston traces the response of the House of Orleans to the vicissitudes of the French throne and revolution

Graham Walker looks at how history and sport are interwoven in the sectarian rivalry between Celtic and Rangers football clubs.

Christopher Hill marks the 300th anniversary of Bunyan 's death with a Portrait of a self-educated radical seen as a subversive by Restoration England’s Establishment

Julian Mann observes excavations of the Stuart garden at Kirby Hall.

Stranger than fiction - Roy Foster explores the metamorphosis of a stiff-upper-lip Boy's Own novelist into a Sinn Fein martyr.

Peter Bowron looks into excavations found at a Middle Ages hospital in Scotland.

Alison Brown evaluates the life and scholarship of the great German historian of Renaissance Italy and his seminal influence on Western cultural history.

Macdonald Daly and Gordon Riddell look back and reflect on the changes in public libraries

Felipe Fernandez-Armesto explores the horizons, activities and seeming contradictions of pre-Reformation Spain's cleric-of-all-trades.

Jeffrey Richards looks at a stage where Victorian theatre attained its apogee