Volume 37 Issue 4 April 1987

Ann Hills on how Korea’s rich history is displayed.

The recent recovery of large quantities of porcelain from the South China seas highlights eighteenth-century Europe's insatiable desire for tableware from the Orient.

'Stirring up divine discontent' by education to effect a transformation of the social order became the credo of one of Victorian Christian Socialism's most colourful characters, far outpacing the more temperate aims of its founders.

'... a kind of Ken Livingstone of his day', Britain's great imperialist made his early reputation as a civic radical, promoting public control of local amenities such as water and gas.

Lost illusions and gung-ho patriotism have both featured prominently in Hollywood’s reaction to the Vietnam War, but not to date some of the more unpleasant aspects of the conflict.

Penelope Johnston takes a look at a Far East collection in Canada

David Braund takes a look over the latest collection of books on the Roman age.

Jeremy Black examines the claim that Louis XV may have used contraception.

Clare Foster examines the history of revolutionary Nicaragua