Volume 35 Issue 6 June 1985

Putting women back in the record? Rewriting the past? Ghetto history? Gender analysis? Eight historians ask what is women's history?

Colin Holmes introduces a new series on the arrival of refugees and other foreigners to the country.

A precocious tyrant? A charismatic Renaissance prince? An out-of-touch autocrat? Or a progressive monarch maligned by usurpers? Caroline M. Barron assesses the reign of Richard II.

Michael Biddiss on the tale of a French village massacred by the SS in June 1944.

The medieval order of Teutonic Knights held powerful sway over the historical imagination of Germany until the Second World War. Why and how did this nationalist myth flourish?

It used to be taken for granted that historians wrote narratives, but this is now a matter of debate.

Francis Robinson explores words and language plundered from the sub-continent.

Roy Porter explains how historians react to being misunderstood.

In this article, Sheridan Gilley looks at the rich history surrounding Irish immigration abroad.