Volume 34 Issue 9 September 1984

Robert Thorne on London's architects and their work.

Jenny Wormald introduces a series of ten articles on Scottish history.

Listening to the words of lullabies mothers have sung to their babies over the centuries can give the historian an insight into the constancy - and expression - of maternal feelings.

John Campbell on the curious case of F.E. Smith and the 'black diaries' of Sir Roger Casement

Stephen Koss questions whether the press has ever truly mirrored public opinion

Roderick Lyall on the royal household of a medieval Scottish monarch

Jenny Wormald reassesses the dynasty of the Scottish monarchs and their historical importance.

Oman is frequently in the news at the moment - reflecting Britain’s crucial role in the reconstruction of this ancient Empire.

D.G. Williamson looks at the varied works relating to the 19th-century European statesman.